A proven history of applying technology to solve tough business problems.

Application Development

Over the course of my career I've conceived and implemented many solutions to improve business processes. In most cases there was no order from above; I simple saw an improvement to be made and tackled the challenge.

  • Constantly working with clients to identify ways to improve the customer experience.
  • Created return management (RMA) system for leading manufacturers and consumer electronics brands with features: multiple brands, business rules, customizable email templates, product testing, support article creation and more. Application is based on ASP.NET, Javascript & AJAX, SQL Server.
  • Implemented customer portal where HTML and CSS can be customized to meet client's brand image.
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor into application using CKEditor and CKFinder.
  • Developed multi-tenant SQL Server database design for SaaS product serving hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Spearheaded project to develop Zendesk application: Designed UI, hired and managed overseas developers, and developed back-end API by converting ASP.NET application to Web API.
  • Developed shipping interface for USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping.
  • Setup Web API applications in Microsoft Azure.
  • Integrated with shipping carrier APIs using 3rd party component.
  • Used Zapier to develop integration with other apps. Updated API to support Zapier and wrote code to translate field values.
  • Sourced and implemented print processor module to allow printing directly to label printers from application.
  • Utilized UXPin Platform to create application design prototypes.
  • Implemented ASP.NET Web API to create API documentation pages for 3rd parties.
  • Used ASP.NET to create interactive, responsive website that is optimized for GA and SEO.
  • Was on the forefront of developing dynamic websites using Active Server Pages and SQL in the 90's.
  • Experienced in sourcing talent from overseas. Created presentations to solicit expert developers for several projects: 1, 2, 3
  • Used Lotus Notes to create company-wide knowledge base and CRM system and used replication to communicate with offices overseas before the internet was widely available.
  • Earned MCSD and MCDBA certifications from Microsoft (MCP ID# 3739900).

IT Management

My experience in IT spans Netware to cloud computing. I've always seen it as my responsibility to go above and beyond to make sure things are working correctly, regardless of how many hours or late nights that entails.

  • Administered Microsoft Dynamics software with SQL Server. Performed user management, configuration, disaster recovery planning, tape-based backups, point-in-time restores, service pack updates and installation of add-on programs.
  • Setup, configured and maintained SonicWall network security appliance for firewall functionality to defend against viruses and network attacks.
  • Built and managed IT department supporting approximately 80 employees at the largest CD Player company at the time.
  • Led project to install cabling in new 250,000 square foot building that included fiber optics. Managed move of IT infrastructure to new location.
  • Principal in project to select and install Siemens Hipath 3700 advanced telecom system with multiple servers, two PRI circuits, IVR and intelligent call routing. Configured voicemail, custom call routing and call-tracking software.
  • Extensive experience in PC, Server and Network troubleshooting.
  • Initiated and led project to develop web-based customer service application supporting 10,000 online registered users.
  • Managed help desk and PC support team of 2 people.
  • Setup and configured Talkswitch networked modular phone system and associated software for call reporting.
  • Built Microsoft VPN server to allow remote access to employees.
  • Used ASP.NET to develop application for product development and testing departments to track compatibility problems across multiple products and versions. The application also provided online collaboration and BIOS file management.
  • Built and maintained Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Setup and maintained Norton Anti-Virus across the entire network with centralized management.
  • Configured external windows servers on Rackspace Cloud with SQL Web Edition, supporting thousands of users.
  • Studied and implemented Agile/SCRUM methodologies for project management.
  • Utilized file and database synchronization software to ensure duplication of primary server to fallback server.
  • Setup Lotus Notes servers and replicated data across phone lines before the internet was widely available.

Service Management

I've worked on the front lines of customer service for a variety of companies, supporting PC hardware and software. Developing solutions to streamline support and provide self-service has been a particular interest.

  • Created instructional video for clients of SaaS product to setup Zendesk application.
  • Created instructional video for clients of SaaS product to customize the style of the portal.
  • Examples of support articles for SaaS application for RMA management: 1, 2, 3
  • Developed online knowledge base software SaaS application used by: MeeAudio, Marquispad, Data Impressions and more.
  • Provided support for all manner of PC related hardware and software for organizations such as Dell Computer.
  • Created internal knowledge base solutions using Lotus Notes before it was common place.
  • Managed customer service team for large manufacturer of motherboards and peripherals.

Technical Writing

I have created user manuals for products such as DVD players, motherboards, SCSI controllers, TVs, video conferencing and more. I'm proficient in CorelDraw for illustrations and Photoshop for packaging and website image design.

  • Performed testing and wrote and illustrated user manuals for DVD players for one of the largest DVD player manufactures in the world.
  • Created quick guides for easy setup of DVD players.
  • Developed concept and created one-page guides for portable media players.
  • Created and distributed change notices to alert clients of new features in SaaS software product: 1, 2, 3
  • Wrote user guides for returns management system.
  • Created many PowerPoint presentations such as a concept for improvement to returns management system.


Utilized Movavi video creations software to produce marketing videos for returns management application. Spearheaded effort to create company blog and worked with marketing professionals to promote SaaS product.

  • Wrote and produced brief video for product tour of SaaS product utilizing voice talent narration.
  • Created concept and wrote, narrated and produced comprehensive video to show fictional customer experience for returns management system.
  • Examples of blog posts written to promote customer service and rma management software: 1, 2, 3
  • Created fictitious brand identity for sample customer portal to showcase the app's customization options.

More About Me

With regards to work I've always been a self-starter, making it a point to learn new technologies and improve business processes. Personally, I've had a wide variety of hobbies including music, travel and cycling.

  • 2+ years experience working remotely for startup.
  • Completed Associates Degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Regularly ride 30 miles or more. Can climb Sierra (the steep way) without stopping, and have ridden to the snowy top of Mount Hamilton.
  • Earned certifications in Lotus Notes and Microsoft App Development and SQL Server.
  • Very interested in Business and Personal Improvement as I continually learn and grow. Some books I've read.
  • Interested in electronics and computers since high school where I attended tech school electronics program.
  • 6 years in U.S. Navy Reserve. Received training in Electronics, Meteorology and Anti-Submarine Warfare.
  • Checkout my Google+ page for more!
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